AirCrack – your master key to the wireless Internet

The global network has become firmly part of our daily life. The Internet is used for many different purposes, from obtaining information to make purchases in the Internet shops, booking tickets or hotel rooms. Therefore, any restrictions on network access, even of a temporary nature, cause some discomfort.

Modern technologies allow to get access to Internet resources is not only the clock, but without being tied to a specific device. The breadth of coverage of a wireless network is growing regularly, and access key constraint can be overcome. Hacking Wi-Fi becomes almost a daily procedure, the owner of an ordinary mobile devices. Encourages to this factor in favor of network resources is an urgent need right now: in a café, on the beach or the theater; the availability of powerful specialized tools.

AirCrack - your master key to the wireless Internet

How it works?

Hacking WiFi

Hacking WiFi network takes place in several stages. Pre-clean the network environment for the presence of wireless connections. Discovered access points are displayed in the program window.

Just step hacking begins after selecting the WiFi connectivity and the user pressing the corresponding buttons. password selection is made, respectively, used encryption type:

WEP – collect network packets (up to hundreds of thousands), then the key is extracted is guaranteed;

WPA / WPA2 – Authentication occurs forced open WiFi, followed by interception handshake packets when reconnecting to the network. The data are processed by the module hacking brute force technology programs using passwords dictionary.

to a WiFi network access key is displayed in the corresponding interface window.

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Possibilities of application

The program scans the WiFi environment

The program scans the WiFi environment, analyzes network cards, their possibilities. Guaranteed breaks WEP encrypted wireless connection, selects passwords WPA / WPA2 coded WiFi connection. Provides control of the security of its own network.

Possibilities of application

Benefits AirCrack



Quick effective hacking WIFI network, regardless of the type of WEP encryption or WPA / WPA2



The presence of a portable version of the program



Optional audit private WI FI network security


Loyalty to the user

Adaptation of tools for any audience of the console editions for professionals to GUI version with a minimum of configuration that satisfies an inexperienced user



software compatibility with the basic computer OC: Windows / Linux / OSX and mobile IOS / Android / Symbian platforms

Experts of Aircrack


Programmer Paul

The utility is easy to use, intuitive interface with which to understand even a schoolboy. It allows you to stay connected day. By downloading, installing, there is no difficulty. Quick monitoring of available network: passwords, logins. Also pleased with the ability to use software with different operating systems.


School programming teacher, Alex

Working with children has taught me. One of the lessons for the development of the Internet students invited me to download and install the program on cracking WIFI network. The bottom line is that I told them about how strongly protected our mobile devices: phones, tablets. The children showed me the world, as far as I allowed my teacher’s courage. Apparently, it raises new and serious challenges for Additional Protection network to Internet providers.


Radio amateur, Maxim

Often help a friend to configure the network, sometimes there are difficulties with the input even if the network login and password. Therefore, do not hesitate to use the utility to never part with your favorite internet. Like the speed of work, ability to install on diverse electronic Divays, including Android.


Top-manager of carrier-center Andrei

Furthermore, the public offer of our company services relating to internet connection in different ways: cable, wireless, telephony. Faced with the utility is fundamentally changing my view of the Protection of the wireless network. Now I associate with your friends, co-workers, as soon as I want it and where nearby there is WIFi. I do not need someone else’s control over the resource, but do not neglect the opportunity to take advantage of free communication.

Customer Reviews


Olga, a housewife

I found and installed this program alone, afraid to show her boyfriend. He is critical of the podomnym utilities, including their attempt to throw off the virus. but a few months of using my Android is still alive, in addition allows me to freely use the Internet, where it is possible only for the money.


Veronica, a pupil of the senior classes

My brother, I downloaded and installed the app shows how to use. Any time I have an opportunity to communicate with friends even if am far from home.


Tom, the driver metro

Through the program, I know all that I am wondering about my girl. Although the utility produces sites that she visits, phone numbers prozvanivatsya. Do not believe me? Install and check.

Video Reviews

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