Download Aircrack-ng – Wifi network management!

Download Aircrack-ng - Wifi network management!

Download Aircrack-ng – a software package for managing closed Wi-fi networks, hacking them and verify their safety, can easily on our website. Lost your password to your Wi-fi network? Do you want to manage, and closed to Use Wi-fi network? Interisuet what information a user sends and receives Wi-fi network? You want to check the security of your wireless network? Then there is only download aircrack-ng! A set of programs that are included in the package aircrack-ng, allow you to easily perform the task data!

But that’s not all the tasks that can run this package. This package will allow you to fully access any Wi-fi network, analyze your network carefully, find out information about available networks! All you need to do – it is a device with a Wi-fi network card, your desire and download Aircrack-ng!

Download Aircrack-ng you can easily on our website. In the archive you will find a complete package Aircrack programs, as well as full manual in Russian!

And remember, if the network is closed, it does not mean that your device repels signal. All that is necessary is to accept this signal. Download Aircrack-ng and he easily perform this task!