Aircrack-ng – software package for management of closed wi-fi network!

Aircrack-ng – a software package that is designed to detect Wi-fi networks, intercept data transmitted over the wireless network, WEP audit and WPA / WPA2-PSK network encryption keys (for verification resistance Wi-fi network), as well as pentest (Penetration test) wi-fi network (as far as the equipment prone to attack, as well as the probability of success of the attack on the encryption algorithm). Dany package works on OS Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X, as well as on the mobile OS Android, Symbian and Apple iOS (iphone).

Introduced software package Aircrack-ng – the next step in the development of Aircrack has a more advanced range of features.

The software package Aircrack-ng includes the following applications:

  • aircrack (hacking WEP keys and WPA)
  • airdecap-ng (decrypts the intercepted information in the presence of the key)
  • airmon-ng (exhibiting different cards in monitor mode)
  • aireplay-ng (batch injector for Linux and Windows)
  • airodump-ng (Analyzes traffic and places the traffic into PCAP or IVS files and displays information about the Wi-fi networks )
  • airtun-ng (tool to create a virtual tunnel interface)
  • airolib-ng (application to store and manage lists ESSID and password; lowers KPS WPA attacks.)
  • packetforge-ng (a program for creating encrypted packets for injection)

Also in Aircrack-ng includes tools for merging and conversion:

  • airbase-ng (a tool that provides the technology for the client attacks)
  • airdecloak-ng (purpose of this tool – it is WEP-masking removes a pcap file)
  • airdriver-ng (controls the drivers Wi-Fi network cards)
  • airolib-ng (the tool used to store and manage lists ESSID and password, as well as the calculation of PMK)
  • airserv-ng (tool gives access to the Wi-fi network card with other devices)
  • buddy-ng (Server Assistant for easside-ng, running on the remote device)
  • easside-ng (a tool for communication with Wi-fi access point without a WEP-key)
  • tkiptun-ng (tool for WPA / TKIP attacks)
  • wesside-ng (automatic tool that allows you to recover the WEP-key)