Hacking wifi

Hacking wifiLet’s arbitrarily imagine a situation when your primary Internet provider, for no matter what reason, for a few days deprive you the possibility to use their cable networks. In such an unpleasant situation hacking wifi point any of your neighbors in the Ceremonial becomes a much-needed and fully justified from a moral point of view. Moreover, that their actions do not bring you the owner of hacked network is absolutely no harm – either material or moral. Unauthorized connection to the network will be a neighbor to him absolutely painless, and with proper implementation of connectivity and use its wi fi router, likely to remain even noticed.

Hacking Wifi – this is not a way of earnings !

Naturally, we do not plan to teach you in this process, otherwise the “freebie” very quickly becomes a habit. Breaking wifi access point you should be seen only as an emergency and temporary measure, not turning into a permanent practice. However, the case is strictly personal, and we do not aim to teach you today, and in general any code, a lesson in morality and ethical behavior on the web. What is dangerous in itself for the owner of the network hacking? Material damage to its equipment, you can not physically cause. Especially, if the hacking was done purely for your personal purpose, and you are going to use the neighbor’s Internet temporarily, until restore your basic, much more fast cable connection. Turning to issues of morality and ethics, we hope that you will be unable to view the files become available to you with a personal or intimate information completely, and even more to steal and publish them to a wide public access on the web. If you really really want, you can certainly leave a small footprint on the host computer neighbor, checking out another sleeping in it some joke programs. But we advise you not to abuse even this harmless act done out of personal interest. It is not known when you may again need to access break wifi access point your neighbor, and he will close it with a password so that the next hack will take more than a couple of hours and several days.
For this reason, never use the same set for hacking wifi. Try to be creative in this business approach, since any hacking – is creativity, and perhaps even an art. Therefore, like any art, be it music or painting, it can not stand monotony. That is why we recommend temporarily or permanently put off all sorts of readily available software. Use a fairly simple and affordable even for a layman Aircrack special program to crack wifi networks. For thisdownload it from our website. Further instructions to use the program, will not be so easy to read, but it will be clear what exactly can help our utility, but rather the whole complex.

Aircrack – the best set for hacking WiFi

No matter where the facility is located, which wanted to take advantage of traffic, its electronic device and the wireless network has some protection:

  • No encryption (assuming this is not your case);
  • WEP (today it is the most interesting element for the goal);
  • WPA / WPA2 (open networks such difficult, but still possible).

Running at Aircrack application, you will be able to initially test the environment for the presence of the compounds. Within sight user can receive the following data:

  • the necessary information regarding the access point (MAC address, channel number, name);
  • data rate;
  • The algorithm and the encryption type;
  • Authorization form (like his own, and the whole environment);
  • signal strength.

The rest of the information obtained in the course of using the application. In more detail the use of the program is to run the file Aircrack-ng (new generation) GUI of the «Bin» folder. This will open the application interface, and the user can see the following tools:

    • airodump: actually sniffer, which can be useful to restore order in their own traffic, collects data about the packages;
    • airmon-ng: a function similar to the previous one, monitors network;
    • aireplay: utility launches connectivity packages;
    • aircrack: opening the app for WEP security and WPA-PSK, as well as provides DOS-attacks, and this is not the limit;
    • airdecap: cryptanalysts WEP / WPA data;
    • airtun-ng: you can create a virtual tunnel for the traffic study


Hacking wi fi network

In addition to this in our version of the utility, there CommView for WiFi software, which also works as the interception of traffic packets.

Hacking WiFi point with WEP encryption

The result is almost 100% guaranteed, it does not take a lot of time and special knowledge in cybernetics. The main thing to start the process, then everything happens almost automatic level.

Sometimes this breaking compared with the dressing, but essentially it boils down to build a fairly large number of packets between the selected point and the addressee. The trick is that if the network is “neighbor” for some reason, is silent, then the active data exchange required for the opening, should not expect. That is why aireplay program initiates communication with the selected order to “make friends” you and the victim. Then you will begin to receive data packets, as in the exchange of them, or instead of the selected object (this is the “dressing”). With the accumulation of the required number of packages, after a short data, the utility will issue the desired password.

To calculate the 64-bit password is enough to catch 20 thousand packets, if the password length is 128 bits, then twice. The beauty of the proposed program is that it will find any of them. Only with the only difference, if you do just guess the value of the password, it will be calculated on the first try. Otherwise, the opening will have to be repeated, but not from the ground.

WEP also when selecting the user, but the key length, it should be noted USE PTW attack. Further, to make the transition to the aircrack program if all selected properly, will be asked to press «Launch». Will only select an available target point. When a packet method does not work, the utility proceeds to use Aircrack-ng, the method employs brutforsinga.

Hacking wifi point with WPA / WPA2

Hacking wifi point with WPA / WPA2For the user, in this situation, everything is much easier. But, however, the result is not guaranteed with such a high accuracy as in the previous case. As in the past is important to correctly select the settings.

Getting Started starts with listening to the traffic, not his, and network-wide. We do this by using CommView for WiFi, using the re-association sites. The procedure is necessary because WPA encryption is dynamic in nature and packet interception is not enough to obtain the password.

Used module leads to detachment of the base station and the access point. This is done similarly to the static cracking WEP, the difference being that now is not enough only receive packets in communication exclusively with your address. The utility sends messages to deauthentication on behalf of the victims of all the contacts, which takes less than a minute.

Do not use this unit if you are dealing with a non-WPA-PSK encryption. The attempt to actually deprive the possibility to use the program at all.

Also, when using the program should take into account that not all customers are the first time to respond deauthentication, so it is logical to use the option “send a request with a time interval” (selecting the number of minutes in the list, as well as the number of attempts).

Grab necessary EAPOL-packages out, as soon as a moment comes reassociation. The data stored in log files.

Now you can go back to AirCrack and fill in the fields as follows:

    • Falenames take from the received packets;
    • Encryption, select WPA;
    • Wordlist, you can use the program offers a dictionary, but if it fails, you can try other;
    • ESSID and BSSID (system and your address – this information can pop up automatically)


Only after these steps, go to the opening of the launch, re-affirming the fact of implementation of the action, as well as the accuracy of the selected point for hacking. It is believed that the owners of nVidia cards, hacking hunted in this case, extremely lucky, because their power enough even for the longest break-ins.

Free wifi hacking: where are the passwords directories

Today WPA encryption often require the owner of the account, in this case the wireless network, create a password of at least eight characters. They can be picked up at random and it is difficult to imagine a machine that would be instantly managed to go through a huge number of combinations.

However, pre-treatment, carried out with the help of CommView for WiFi, it narrows the search. Therefore, the directory passwords, which are available on our website is usually sufficient. We recommend immediately download the full software package, so that in case of failure of the intermediate not get the whole negative.

Replace Wordlist is very simple, and the work done is not in vain. Although the failure of others at the opening of wireless networks, the likelihood of obtaining a positive – is high and he achieved fairly quickly.

Hacking wifi: conclusions and prospects of use

Each of the sub-programs has a promising direction. For example, a sniffer can be useful if you would think that someone is using your bandwidth. Before you use the utility is recommended to examine the proposed instructions. It is full of abbreviations, symbols. However, a common disadvantage of all members of the set of utilities is their monolingual.