The program for hacking wifi

The program for hacking wifiIn our very own collective opinion, every self-respecting “advanced user” of cable lines ISPs, simply must be in the arsenal needed “emergency software” special software hack wifi networks. As an easily accessible option can be used to start a freeware software called Aircrack. And even better to have a few similar programs it and run them simultaneously. Situations in the Internet user lives are different, and sometimes without breaking the neighbor’s wifi just can undergo a very tangible financial losses. We will not list here all the instances in which you may need such a program. You only need to know that this software has long existed, and have a general idea about the presence of a network of such a program. In the rest – Google to help you!

Wardriving (use of the program for hacking wifi)

Before you go wardriving, personal, and not always entirely unselfish purposes, get your required mounting an iron. This need not occur if you use a laptop with preinstalled wifi receiver. Quite different is the case with home PC. These boxes, for all its bells and whistles, focused more on the speed of memory and increased hard drive capacity, or run faster video card. At the same time manufacturers are totally unreasonable forgotten widely distributed is now possible to use wireless internet access. This niche quickly filled the manufacturers all kinds of 3G wireless modem, or have even 4G networks. Such forgetfulness, however, has a clear commercial interest and is related, most likely, with the need to increase the volume of sales is laptops and tablets. Also wifi is usually installed in places of public access to the public of certain institutions, and hardly anyone comes into my head the idea to carry a not small desktops.

So, if you’ve seen in his yard antenna wifi, or learn about special installation neighbor router for the dissemination of their Internet connection from a stationary PC to your laptop: immediately enjoy a setting on your PC a special wi fi receiver with the most powerful receiving antenna. After that, feel free to enter in the search engine cherished the word: program to hack wifi. Believe me the experience – you learn a lot of interesting and not find one available, and free software for hacking wifi, among which one of the first places will be present Aircrack. A you download it from our website can.

Aircrack – program for hacking wifi in combat

After making sure of the validity of our opinion, may become interesting, how exactly does this utility. Just say that soft, filled with a set of different sniffers, analyzers, as well as a pair of libraries that require some study, staged a specialized setting.

Today, the utility is applicable to a variety of operating systems on disparate devices, nearly every case is unique, since the use of the program depends on the network environment, which determines the forced choice when setting up a system for wardriving.

The program, in spite of the long-term existence, recently received a new breath. Active dissemination interferes with a set of advanced, its member utilities, as well as English-language development.

More recently, users were able to learn about the basic functions of the program from open sources of information, as a result of interest-only network is heated and filled with many examples.

Download software for hacking wifi: procedure

Download software for hacking wifi

To get Aircrack, the user at the initial stage it is necessary to make a choice where the installation file will be saved (disk and folder name). Standard to create an element at the opening, the user sees the following:

  • aircrack.exe (a kind of brute force key);
  • airodump.exe (packet sniffer);
  • airdecap.exe (analysis files).

In addition, a few text files, which are then required to work the same brute force.

For further use of tools you need to check the compatibility of the wireless adapter with Aircrack. The site developer can find the supported chipsets will probably have little to upgrade their own equipment for a normal start. If you have not yet downloaded the software and know exactly what kind of adapter available, initially to verify the feasibility of obtaining the installation file. However, quite often, the installation of an additional driver solves the problem in a matter of seconds.

A more difficult way: to strengthen its own mechanical device (adding external antennas). We have found that sometimes in spite of the fact that the chip is in the list of supported still have to update the driver specifically for Aircrack.

To make it easier for the user, we have filled your own set for this application a complete package of drivers. Therefore, during the installation, after the start of the run airodump.exe, the utility will require permission to install the missing dll. By agreeing to perform an action that sets utility ensures itself the normal operation of the system without conflicts and crashes. Nearing the end of the process, regardless of what has already installed some files, last utility will ask permission to use the standard package. It is necessary to answer a few standard questions on the adapter manufacturer or chipset to it.

This is followed by the usual, with complex settings, restart your computer.

The program for hacking wifi free of charge: a complete package on our website

When the user equipment has come into compliance with the software, you can go directly to wardriving. For this it is necessary to detect the presence of wireless networks in the immediate surroundings. You do not need to download anything on third-party resources. In Aircrack interface, located on our website, there are all the necessary mechanisms, besides this contributes to almost any wifi module installed on a PC or tablet.

Depending on the purpose, you can use the functions: airtun-ng, airmon-ng, but as a reason for them lies in the software CommView for WiFi. She will listen to more finely traffic and get detailed information about virtually all network connections environment.

When you connect to the sniffer airodump appear: MAC addresses, types of encryption. Also start capturing packets, which after a certain key is derived from the wireless network “neighbor.” Many an important role in this is played by cryptanalysts airdecap.

Free program for hacking wifi

It should be borne in mind that in any case have to make a choice within the framework of the disposal of utility:

  • adapter number (from the list);
  • channel opening (you can select “0”, then there will be a complete traffic listening);
  • again designate chipset;
  • created by CommView for WiFi (it has to be found in the body of a program structure);
  • further direction of cracking WEP or WPA (number of packages: all or no more of the latter, relying on the theory of probability);
  • Optionally, you can watch the process of interception or hide the execution of the action.

Once accumulated a sufficient number of packets (20 to 50 thousand), the file will appear in the article structure. Ivs. Run, mentioned earlier aircrack.exe. There is also the interface will have to select the type of encryption, insert a previously copied the file name, assign a priority the library. Next “Run” and wait for the desired password.

If you can not guess with a long key, password recovery process may have to be repeated twice.

The program is free to hack wifi: what else is helpful to know

The program is free of charge for wifi hacking

All the highlights of the utility, perhaps, already affected. But surely there was the question of the legality of the use of such a program, the degree of protection.

Airtun-ng – one of the elements of a common set of enabling “hacker” to become invisible. This is done by creating a virtual tunnel. Furthermore, there is provided a number of protective mechanisms. It was originally the key points of the software developed by administrators working to ensure wireless security. So here are some mechanisms will by default create a user anonymity.

The main mistake beginners receiving installation file – it is the desire to immediately rush into battle without preparing properly hardware and software. Recommended as a test carried out its own network hacking. It will identify deficiencies in the utility and try out several schemes of its application.

So of course, it must be noted, although the new generation of Aircrack – quite a powerful collection of utilities, it is unlikely to help the one who wants to carry out hacking the network for a few minutes, just download one installation file. Moreover, it is not always possible even for those who have prepared thoroughly.

All your actions on how to download, install programs, and the use to restore their own data or control traffic, detect attempts to drain you to the virus – are legitimate. The line crosses only when trying to open a foreign account using the resulting “key” (the master key).