Cheap Wi-Fi connection

If the house there is a computer with an Internet connection, it is not difficult to create a local network with a laptop, and, on a mobile device is also present online. Experienced operators can easily Aircrack download , and any connection to hack Wi-Fi. Users who do not have deep knowledge of the network can use the easiest way. To do this you need two wireless 802.11b wireless adapter. The compound is called “point to point”, the connection speed is reached to eleven megabits per second. This is enough for most users’ needs.

The controller can be taken either: SD, CF, PCMCIA, PCI or USB. The quality of communication and functional at the same time very different will not. If Aircrack free download , to crack the compound and find the key, you can connect to other people’s networks, Wi-Fi, and free. It is important for users of mobile devices. The advantage of the USB controller is its outdoor use, do not need to open the computer. For the home range of the network enough, even in huge mansions, therefore, the option becomes uncritical. The first thing you need to install the utility, which will set the parameters, will find network. The controller is connected thereafter.

To configure or use of Windows, as its utility or IEEE 802.11b. Microsoft has significantly expanded opportunities, therefore, the first option is preferable. To do this, open the Network Neighborhood window, it will affect all currently available (including neighbors and organizations nearby) network. Interest is only a connection to the controller. At the top of the window exposed to the checkbox “Use Windows». To automatically there was a connection, and a laptop computer to restart. The working group should be named the same in both the computers settings. If you need access to the printer, this feature also selected in the settings.