Gigabit Routers

Gigabit routers were presented in 2011. The R6300 model from the company Netgear. It uses a new standard 802.11as instead of 802.11n, which is long and hard to win the market, having marked draft. Theoretical this class of devices speed limited to 450Mbit / s, in reality reached only half of that figure. Connect to the line anywhere possible if the program download program for hacking wi fi Aircrack and start to search for the key to the Internet connection. Members appreciated the advantages of fast connection, mainly when watching high-definition video.

802.11as standard became known users of the router with two ranges Netear R6300. The first range – is 802.11a / n / ac, the second range – 802.11b / g / n. The first range of 5 GHz, 2.4 GHz second. Increasing the bandwidth required new frequencies on which there are restrictions. The available are two dozen 5GHz channels. Standards a, b, g operate on the same channel and on two standard n. Multiple antennas in the housing fits badly interfere with each other. Problem solve a multichannel antenna. Routers are above average size, design developed by the creators for making them on public display.

It is possible to free download program all the utilities Aircrack, run them at a time, to get the password from the connection, allows you to use wireless Internet. after the R6300 router provides connection security that may in fact this program hacked. Device in ventilated housing rear holes having a triangular shape. Any high load will not cause overheating. Inside the card orientation is comparable to the size of the body. Microchips have radiators. Russian interface, there are presets that facilitate the user’s work. Latest firmware version appear in the form of updates.