Hack station – WiFi router Pineapple

Hack station - WiFi router PineappleThe interconnection of such simple things as protection and hacking is obvious. Software for hacking began to appear almost simultaneously with programs for a modern computer. The further the struggle between clans of “programmers” and “hackers” proceeded, the more evidently became a mutually beneficial existence.

WiFi Pineapple WiFi router features

Some of the products issued by each of the rival parties began to unite in a specific software, hardware, for example, the utility Aircrack and the WiFi Pineapple router. Moreover, in the classical sense of these things they do not have anything to do with each other, but they can be used interchangeably in more detailed consideration. Paradoxically or not, a router located in the price range above the average equivalent to the program, which can be downloaded for free.

This is not a joke, the functionality of these disparate things with small deviations in different parameters is identical. For simplicity of explanation, we note that the WiFi Pineapple router is a Chinese product, but ordered by the Americans in order to obtain a specific product with the required functional and contained inside the hardware. This product has

Therefore, this device has 3 network interfaces and only one of them is wired with firmware based on OpenWRT. It is used as a system that can effectively intercept and analyze traffic, independently identifying attempts to crack. The other two interfaces are wireless and can work in monitor mode.

Supporting the work of the router software

But for comparison, you want to spend, the main interest should be concentrated on the wire Internet, supported by Karma, SSL Strip, URL Snarf, ngrep, DNS Spoof, and several more. Even if it is not clear what exactly they are doing, it is obvious: to create reliable protection it is not enough to have only one utility, regardless of the type of router. The same feature is demonstrated by Aircrack, whose full functionality consists of at least 11 applications that have their own purpose at certain stages of hacking.

We find an identical functional

The Karma algorithm in Pineapple applications works as an antipode for the aireplay-ng program, but in fact both utilities use a fairly similar mechanism:

  • The latter generates the distribution of packets to gain access to the wireless network;
  • The first one, on the contrary, does not expect it to be hacked, it attacks the clients by detecting them on the SSID list (network identifier).

To collect information about the surrounding cyber environment, the Pineapple router is obtained using the Autoharvest mechanism. Utility Aircrack uses airtun-ng for this.

SSL Strip is a data interception tool, fairly simple and no longer so relevant, but still included in the router set. Hackers use a similar mechanism and call it phishing. In the body of the AirCrack utility is aircrack-ng, which works by pre-launching packetforge-ng, which allows using the type of attack: fake authentication, as well as KoreK chopchop (similar to the functionality of the Karma utility).

To ensure the information security of the organization WiFi Pineapple initially uses only the main components to ensure the connection, its protection. The rest of the additional functionality, including some of the listed utilities are added modularly to the main features. Among the applications there is software (for example, ethercap, tcpdump), which allows to block users found during the analysis of network traffic. Exactly the same capabilities have airodump-ng, additionally performing a number of useful functions (for example, capturing wi-fi network packets during a MAC attack, in other words, forged authentication.

Controlling WiFi Pineapple hardware and using the Aircrack utility

If we talk about the management process of the router, it should be noted that it is implemented through a simplified interface, both permanently and remotely, by using the reverse SSH tunnel, which becomes available automatically when the corresponding function is activated.

However, Aircrack has exactly the same capabilities, and in order to use it as an exceptionally hacking one, you do not need to worry about an exclusively computer launch. There are versions for mobile (Android, iPhone, other platforms), which allows you to apply it simply in public places (metro, trains, cafes, etc.). The program has the ability to grant administrator rights, which gives access to the function of disabling unwanted “neighbors” over the network.

Is it worth paying more if you can take free of charge

You can continue to continue to compare the specific options of the router and the program, but this will only lead to what you will have to admit: they are functionally identical. In this case, WiFi Pineapple costs about $ 100, and the alternative program is distributed free of charge.