Hacking wi-fi for free

Hacking wi-fi for free
Currently, wi-fi router is available in every home entertainment mall or office. Online practice to carry out even the most remote villages of the city. Wireless technologies are developing rapidly, but not everyone has the ability to set the router, because it is not so cheap. Therefore, many are practicing the program hacking wi-fi, free download which can be on this site. This does not make any problems for even the most inexperienced internet users. Sometimes the idea to break into a neighbor’s wireless network arises from boredom. In this situation, you can use a program that is called Aircrack. Download the program to break wi-fi can be a direct link, as well as through the torrent.

This program is unique. It works perfectly, there is almost no flaws. Special script allows you to connect to any wireless network, and watch movies online without braking and preload. To install a program on your computer, you must first download free software to hack wi-fi, and then follow the instructions below:

• archive, which contains all the files should be unpacked. There are drivers for the installation program, as well as a dictionary with different password combinations, depending on the company’s router. One of the files – it is more detailed installation instructions in the pictures, which depicted the serial algorithm of actions. There is also a video, which explains step by step, the installation of the program to crack;

• to install Aircrack exe file with a resolution. In the window that appears on the screen, you need to copy the command, which was cited in the algorithm of actions under “password guessing”;

• then press Enter. Pick up the key combination will be saved in the folder where the expansion cap;

• Then in the program window Aircrack must go to the tab “Import” and choose among the proposed folder in which to save the password combinations (described in more detail in the preceding paragraph);

• remains in custody click on “Start” to start the program. To hack a wireless network because there is interception of information and its analysis. If the combination of the key, which is available in the same folder with a password, the user hears a sound notification. The window pops up on the key itself hacked wi-fi.

Aircrack can intercept any data from the user network, which ever passed on. As for the time for which the program will select the desired combination, the more complex the password, the faster there will be hacking wi-fi passwords. Password complexity is determined by the presence in it of different characters. Given kaie symbols are part of the key can be arbitrarily into three categories:

1. The password consists only of letters, but it can complicate the presence of both large and small characters.

2. The symbols in the password mixed: alphabetic and numeric.

3. The most difficult for the program password hacking wi-fi this, in which there are special characters. It may be, for example, a dog, underscore, colon, semicolon, asterisk, a dash, and others.

One condition which should not be forgotten that after the installation of software hacking wi-fi, free download which can be on any site, it is necessary to update the list, which shows all available points of the wireless network. We need to determine what exactly needs to crack user and select it from the list. Then you need to click on one of the special buttons, which in the end will show the password and all the sites that have been visited by this particular network.