History of wi-fi

History of wi-fi
When the first Internet connection appeared in 1969, it created a furor. It happened in the United States, the University of California. For two years later – in 1971 – there was a program that allows you to send emails. Not surprisingly, it quickly became popular with the few members at the time. Then, after another two years, the network has become international. Internet development took place very quickly, in a short time there was a blast system, and that’s when the network finally became public.

But with the development there and, in fact, the problems and inconvenience. Mainly this was due to the fact that internet-wired and wire creates some difficulties in the work: occupy space, interfere with the free walking and so on and so forth. These inconveniences have given the idea of ​​making a wireless internet connection.

In fact, the first time such a theory or an idea about the wireless connection was of Hedy Lamarr, an actress from Vienna, which in addition to the activities engaged in acting and science. In 1942, she and composer George Antheil patented some secret communication system, was that of the following: a kind of communication system can transmit at different frequencies false channels. Thus it was possible to secure a maximum transfer of information. Patent Lamarr (launch torpedoes that can be controlled from a distance) was the basis for the wireless connection. Today it is used everywhere, but the idea of ​​the actress made history.

Wi-fi itself was created in 1991 in the Netherlands. wifi made possible much later. His initial data rate was not more than 1-2 Mb / s, but it is considered a real achievement and scientific breakthrough. In fact, the creator of the wireless Wi-fi connection – Vic Hayes – was one of the team members, develop a variety of technical innovations.

Among them, for example, such a standard as the IEEE 802.11g. After Vick left the AgereSystems team in 2003, it ceased to be competitive, despite the fact that it was she was asked to be the cheapest solution for the wireless connection. Finally, with the market left the team in late 2004. Standard, still exists today, was approved in September 2009. Based on the theory, this standard can reach speeds of up to 600 Mb / s.

The new standard was developed over two years – from 2011 to 2013, and its final adoption is scheduled for early 2014. According to experts, the new standard will be able to reach speeds of up to several Gb / s! Incidentally, the manufacturers of wireless devices already announce their devices with a new, not yet released standard. At the same time there were the first to break program for hacking wifi .

Initially, in order to attract users, a kind of pun was used in the device name, as you see, there is some consonance wi-fi and hi-fi, as if hinting at “high connection”. It is translated HighFidelity. Wi-fi stands for as WirelessFidelity, ie, “high precision”.

Of course, in our time the existence of the wireless network, as well as how to use it knows almost everyone. Today we can say that the existence of rules and use a wireless connection knows everyone. It is very difficult to find a modern man who would not use wi-fi, it could be in a public place or even in his own apartment. And it can only talk about the fact that the invention took the place of honor among those who appeared in the last 30 years, and you’ll see that behind it – the future.