How to connect and configure wi-fi through the phone?

recently, the art market appears more and more mobile phones that have built-in Wi-Fi module. Due to this, there is a demand for the use of wireless internet on your mobile device. Unfortunately, not everyone has an idea about how to use this option.

If the radius of action is Wi-Fi access point, in order to connect to it required software to enable this module on your phone. Once the wireless network is enabled, it is necessary to make a search for available networks. Choose the one that you require, press “connect”.

If the network is shared, and is aimed at a large audience, it is likely not protected by a password. This means that immediately after the connection you get access to the network. If the access point is private, then to start using the connection will need to enter your password. Once this stage is passed, you can fully enjoy the Internet.

In that case, if you want to configure Wi-Fi via phone as an access point, it will be necessary to carry out some program activities. If the mobile device platform is represented by the Android system, the setting is made optionally via the internal menu. When working with other platforms will have to initially install additional software on the phone, which performs a similar function. Most programs of this kind need to enter the initial data: the network name, password authentication, the number of active connections. Once all the settings have been entered, you are ready to work with the network.