How to crack a Wi-Fi password?

How to crack a Wi-Fi password?Protected WiFi quite often raises questions from users. On the one hand, everyone understands that they paid a subscription fee for their connection, but it is not possible to explain it to another provider.

Meanwhile, many believe: “if paid, then I can use wherever and whenever.” Meeting passwords to the Internet in cafes or other public places are simply ignored. A direct move uses hacker applications, which allow you to access at any time, even to the most secret connection.

How to hack Wi-Fi: fast, efficient, reliable

One of the programs perfectly copes with the opening of Wai Fay – Aircrack, which actually includes a minimum of 11 applications for different purposes. Multifunctionality explains the reason for the high utility popularity among young people.

Firstly, the software starts to search for valid variants not from complex brute-force and not even from the method of “handshakes”. The utility uses everything that lies on the surface, including the accumulated databases by other users who kindly throw off information about the connection after visiting cafes, pools, and other similar institutions.

If the selected access point appears in the lists of your version of Aircrack, you will be able to hack the wireless Internet in a matter of seconds. Otherwise, the user, using the settings of the application, will be able to phase out the network in stages. The average time that is spent on hacking reaches 5 minutes.

The protection of public area connections rarely has a high level of security. But even if you find a complicated password or some special type of encryption (as long as we know only three basic WEP or WPA / WPA2) – the utility will cope with the task. Here it is rather important how quickly the Internet is needed and, as far as it’s fundamentally possible, to hack Wai Fai in a cafe.

How to crack a Wi-Fi password using modern methods

Utility Aircrack, as already mentioned, has a lot of auxiliary applications, which alternately perform their functions. The main advantages of the program are the following:

  • using software on various platforms from Linux to Windows, as well as on various mobile devices
  • russification of the product (but the English version is still available)
  • modes for the user manual and automatic, also work through the console;
  • speed up the search process by using special dictionaries, including own compilation.

Running the utility involves initiating a network scan, sometimes it is not necessary, and the user has the ability to stop this process. In other cases, data on the “foreign” network comes: signal strength, name, supposed encryption. If you just need access to the Internet, it is wiser to hack into a more powerful Wi-Fi. When a specific connection is required, select it.

In the automatic mode of Aircrack, after a preliminary test to determine the availability of the selected point, the utility gradually picks up the methods embedded in it.

With WEP encryption, the program starts collecting network packets by default, then retrieving the password from them. This stage is passed through Airodump-Ng. The tool allows you to accumulate data on any network connection: speed, number of packets being forwarded (ie, activity), authentication method, ESSID (network name of some types), much more.

If the utility encounters WPA / WPA2 encryption, fake authentication and / or handshake methods are used (handshakes when data is intercepted when the “target” tries to reconnect to the network). As additional tools here used Aireplay-ng and Airdecap-Ng. The first is to break the electronic key, the second one for instant connection to the opened access point.

How to hack the neighboring Wi-Fi

Using the utility Aircrack is not the only way to gain access to someone else’s Wai Fai. Of course, you can drink with a neighbor of beer to find out the password from his network connection – this is also an option, but not reliable. Therefore, let’s return to the program’s possibilities with reference to those access points, which most likely have one provider with you.

The situation is simplified by the fact that there are exact data on the requirement for a password: at least a certain number of characters, whether letters, special characters are required. Proceeding from this, the complexity of the vocabulary for hacking is chosen, if such a method is required, as well as for bruting, which also uses the library resource.

How to hack Wi-Fi through Android

All the methods described above fully apply to mobile phones. Sometimes the utility’s capabilities are compared with the work of the most modern routers, which, in addition to providing Wi-Fi services, provide additional protection.

The application interface for portable versions is also simple, both for stationary use. It is important that the program ensures complete confidentiality to the intruder. Therefore, you can not worry about a part of the security. The guard will never pat you on the shoulder, revealing a wireless connection in a café or restaurant.