How to create a Wifi point?

today to get access to the Internet by Wi-Fi protocol, you must create an access point. For this activity you will need the appropriate equipment: a wireless router, a telephone or a computer.

The most common access point is a wireless router. Such equipment is purchased separately and is connected to an Ethernet channel. Next, the user must enter the router settings, originally connected to it. Open a browser on your computer and enter the internal address of equipment. Next, you open the optional configuration technology, which will need to enter the Ethernet network settings. Next will have to specify a name for the access point, as well as the password for authentication. The access point is configured and ready to use.

Configure your mobile phone as an access point as possible. The latest models of mobile technology on the Android OS is initially pre-installed this option. There will need to enter the desired name and password. Activate the access point and start to work with the Internet.

Use your computer to a much more problematic as the access point. For the optional PC setup will require a basic knowledge of programming. For starters, make sure that your computer supports the wireless communication channel.

You must create a connection to the standard “computer-to-computer”. After this, additional settings must be made possible access to other network users. The following tick wireless connection. After that, the system will display the PC that wireless connection settings reconfigured to All subsequent PC must be configured with the address of The access point is set up.