How to get free Wi-Fi?

How to get free Wi-Fi?Free Wi-Fi today with one hand and so no problem. There are quite a few points where you can use this service to bypass its owners. Still, counting “at random” is not the best thing you can afford in the modern world. After all, the way a company or its individual employee depends on how you stay in touch on time is stable. Therefore, I want to have free Wi-Fi – a program that provides access regardless of the circumstances.

Download free Wi-Fi-cracker: why exactly Aircrack

Although it is hardly possible to talk about a single utility, because during the effective hacking of the network, several programs of different functional purpose will be required, for example, performing the following:

  • the connection must be analyzed;
  • identify open and closed nodes (important as they decrease);
  • find a mechanism for opening, facing obstacles (there must be alternative solutions)
  • determine the type of protection (although WEP is almost not used, there are still such variants);
  • specify the type of WPA or the type of device on which the neighbor gets access to Wai Fay
  • Install updated Wi-Fi drivers
  • and much more, because you can reliably know the answer to the penultimate item and then some elements can be disabled immediately to speed up the process.

Utility Aircrack, just is such a single program, which includes a number of applications that perform various intermediate tasks. Today, every self-respecting network administrator knows about her or its components.

Free Wi-Fi with the program Aircrack is promising due to the introduction of new technologies

Thanks to the existing software on the network and constant updates, the utility periodically receives new “hacking” elements. In the context of one article, it may not be possible to disclose all 11 (however, this number may vary depending on the version) of applications that are part of the “core” of the program. But for understanding, we note that now there is an option for obtaining free Wi-Fi, which becomes so due to access points located in public places.

In fact, it uses navigation software, which is embedded in applications that are somewhat abstract from the main topic. But Aircrack is not looking for complications, if the user decides that this task is more appropriate, first check this option.

For example, you are sitting in a cafe where there is a high probability that the wireless Internet has already been hacked and the program has accurate data about a specific object. In order to gain access to free Wi-Fi with a program for so-called hacking, it will be much easier if you get around such options as classic brutforsing, the method of “handshakes”, the dictionary and other options present in Aircrack.

A distinctive feature of the program can be considered the fundamental variability of choice.

Automatic hacking. When the user does not need to configure the system, she herself tries to find the data of interest using the most logical methods from the point of view of software. Even the choice of the network is trusted by artificial intelligence.

Hacking through the presence of a human factor. Here, the owner of the phone, having some specific knowledge of the surrounding cyber environment, can set specific parameters for searching, analyzing, up to the method of hacking, the dictionary used.

Wi-Fi driver: free, but with skills, get a positive result

Obviously, to use the latter option, the user will need certain programming skills. Knowledge of some basic things like a Wi-Fi driver (free of charge pre-patched, and understanding the word “patch”). This is necessary in the case when the automatic mode did not bring results and you have to configure the system manually. As Aircrack is used, experience is accumulated, which makes it possible to solve problems on opening wireless networks much faster.

But going back to the Wi-Fi drivers, for free access sometimes it is required to make the network of “neighbor talk”. If at the moment of interest, the “target” is simply inactive. To do this, the sending of special packages with the expectation of a response is initiated. As a result, you get a MAC address, IP, other similar useful data that will be in demand in the next stages of hacking.

Free Wi-Fi: a short example with a chain of interactions

Arbitrary packages in Aircrack create a packetforge-ng application. Their activity is needed in another link of the utility: aircrack-ng, used directly for hacking WEP and WPA-PSK keys. Provided that in a particular episode the method of “handshakes” (WPA handshake) or in many respects similar to it is chosen, but with specific features of work: injection, fake authentication.