How to strengthen the Wifi signal?

Using the services of a router wireless network, from time to time you can feel the problems with communication due to the fact that the signal strength in some areas is not correct. Communication is interrupted or absent. In this regard, many people began to think about how you can increase the signal from the Wi-Fi modem.

many experiments, but most probably become an effective option to conventional beer can was conducted. It needs to be washed and dried. Also need scissors and a kitchen knife. The bottom of the cans must be completely cut off with a knife, and cut the upper mouth is not full. Thereafter, from the bottom to the bank must be cut transversely by means of scissors. Expand its contours like a sail. The result was a kind of antenna.

Now you need to fix a homemade “power” on the router casing so that the main antenna is passed through the hole in the neck of the jar. As an attachment, you can use the usual clay or chewing gum.

Thus, a parabolic reflector, which exists in pilot production, but personally it is quite difficult to do. Firstly, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the original reflective wings. In our case, they are the metal edge of a beer can. Secondly, you need to find a focus or an axis.

Whatever it was, but development really works. Evidence of the results of pilot testing. In general, the signal level has increased by 20 percent. However, there is one “but.” In the case of this amplifier, a signal will be sent only in one direction.