Influence of wi-fi on the human body

Influence of wi-fi on the human body
Science is rapidly moving forward, so every year the market of home appliances and electronics there are all new and new inventions, which are aimed at facilitating the everyday life of man. For example, there were food processors, a compact washing machines, water heaters, kettles, vacuum flasks and much more. One such useful miracles of science is the invention of «wi-fi» or wireless Internet connection. It provides simultaneous operation from one internet connection for multiple users at once, and also improves and optimizes the connection speed.

There is no doubt that every invention is useful and necessary to mankind, but for all the benefits should be paid in this case, of course, as well. The fact that the majority of devices has a definite effect on the human body, which is called positive impossible. This applies to the wi-fi points ( Password Hacking wifi you can download on our website). Most scientists are inclined to believe that it is still negative. But protect yourself completely, too, is impossible from this radiation, so everything must be done to best protect themselves.

So what exactly is the impact of wi-fi has on the human body? According to one well-known scientist William Stewart, who is also head of the National Agency of the UK’s health, if the person is a long time in a wi-fi radiation zone, then it may appear at first a little dizzy, then some pain or fatigue. Although this statement, studies have shown that daily use of a wireless connection during a year can be compared with a radiation level of mobile phone 20 minutes. That is, exposure of a wireless connection virtually harmless. Indeed, an impressive result!

Finding the wi-fi in your home has an impact on human health is not at once, but gradually. This is manifested, perhaps, again, in the form of headaches, not strong, but also may increase the pressure or heart palpitations in some cases. So do not neglect their health and enjoy wireless internet too often!

In addition, the side effects may be a slight memory impairment, the development of various types of tumors, may change the DNA of genes and even premature aging, but mostly light wi-fi router has a negative impact on the brain.

the following experiment was conducted to prove the influence of the negative kind of radiation. I participated in it a group of students who sleep period put under the pillow with their mobile phones launched in their wi-fi connection. The next morning the state of health of young people was much worse: there was deterioration of concentration, as well as vasospasm. The conclusion is that if your house is wi-fi router, in order to best protect their health, it is best to put it away from the bed, in the room where the family members are less likely.

An interesting fact is that the wi-fi adversely affects not only the human body, but also on the … plants! In order to prove this, the scientists needed to conduct the following experiment. two watercress were planted, one of which was in the zone of irradiation, and the other – no. Within 12 days, the scientists carefully watched the scene: the seed that was outside the radiation zone, hatched, and the fact that the radiation dose received – not. So it is best to keep indoor plants away from wi-fi router.

Therefore it is best avoided altogether or getting close to a wireless connection, or the maximum limit yourself from it. After all, health is undoubtedly the most important thing!