Programs to work with Wi-Fi networks

Programs for Wi-Fi networks are designed to find, for example, Netstumbler program or hacking networks found as Aircrack, download which can be on our website. Netstumbler utility – one of the most popular, informative and easy, does not require any settings. It collects data about the coordinates, signal strength, and in two parameters – dbm and DCB, type of encryption, network, manufacturer, speed, number of channels.

With Network Magic software you can get into your home network from the Internet, ensure the safety of the router, find out all the information about the network. And, even if the program for hacking wifi Aircrack download free, you can use this network for free. Password Cracking occurs in three different ways built-in utilities. NM Interface tab is in a special manner convenient to the user. Adjust it quickly and easily. All devices in the home network are represented graphically.

Maximum difficult to hack networks and, especially, the use of it free 2hotspot program. Users who connect through this example program, will pay a license fee, which can be set in the settings displayed when you request a page in exchange for the password from the network. When you install a private access point is registered on the official website applets. several points can be registered on a single account. The program is suitable for the commercial approach to the distribution of Wi-Fi.

Another search engine Wireless WirelessMon is chargeable, costs $ 49, has a very nice interface. All parameters of the point are displayed in the program window, the navigator displays the map location of the point. Cheaper cost Wi-Fi Hopper program, which additionally has a free version. The information in the window is in the nature and numbers and graphs. A simple utility Wi-Fi SiStr shows the dynamics of change in the signal characteristics of the network on the time axis. It is free, has almost no decoration.