Records wi-fi

Records wi-fi

Wi-fi – a wireless internet connection, which is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. It is in our 21st century, the age of high technology, wireless communication has become really necessary, since the apartments of people “crowded” wired home appliances. There has willy-nilly, you start to get confused! Therefore, wi-fi connection was a really useful invention not only to each individual, but also for humanity as a whole. program for hacking wifi available on our website.

Despite this important invention, scientists do not want and do not want to stay there – the properties of the wireless connection and upgraded its quality every year. It is for this purpose are various studies and experiments with the equipment. Sometimes they give the most unexpected and surprising results!
First of all, the wireless Internet connection records relate, of course, the range of the connection itself. One such record was set Ermanno Petrosemolli known specialist from Venezuela. The design, which is independently developed the scientist was able to transmit data communication between two computers at a distance of as much as 382 km! Just imagine such a great distance!

For him, the rate which could reach 3 mb / s can be considered simply enormous. To experiment was a success, the engineer was used networking equipment is quite a popular brand of the Intel, as well as Linksys routers, the price does not exceed $ 60. Two localities, between which there is a connection, are the two highest point in the Andes. Here we can say that even the weather has provided its support to the scientists in the experiment. Ermanno – the president of the Latin American Network Company, a real professional and expert in his field.

The previous record for such a wireless connection between two computers at a distance was 310 kilometers. The record is no less impressive. The experiment was conducted in Sweden. One of the computers was in a balloon, and the other – on the ground. The essence of the experiment was not only to the distance between the points was less impressive, but also to prove that the air will be shortened as much as possible the risk of interference of communication. Well, they managed to achieve this! Hacking wifi described on our website, but that’s another article!

Another record-range wi-fi – one of the first – at 304 km was established in Italy. The record was set in August 2007. The most important interest in this experiment is that one of the transmission points was in Sardinia, and other – in the central region. That is, the signal through the air had to fly over the ocean before you reach your destination! The connection speed was 5 MB / s – pretty good for such a distance!

There are also records on no transmission range and the maximum speed at the highest possible long distance. This record failed to establish the German experts. They managed to create a wireless connection with a speed of 40 Gbit / s at a distance of 1 km.

Sami scholars argue that it is only the beginning of a long journey. They say that by developing the very fact that there is, you can achieve even greater data rates, without reducing the maximum distance achieved. It is unlikely that this technology will be released soon, but a step forward has been taken, and it is really great! For comparison, the current wi-fi connection has a transmission rate of no more than 600 MB / s, with this – the maximum speed, which is not always possible to “catch”.

While waiting for new results and records, humanity can be assured that the future of new technologies!