Stories hacking wi-fi

Stories hacking wi-fi
The word wi-fi so firmly poured into our lexicon that we now do not even think about the specific meaning of these letters. So let’s see what it still means? The word wi-fi stands for WirelessFidelity, which translated to English means “wireless quality.” This particular type of wireless connection to the Internet, which allows multiple users to simultaneously work and improves the speed and, most importantly, the quality of the connection.

If the distribution point wi-fi is not in a public place where there is no need to enter a password to connect while at home, the owner of the router is free to decide whether to put a password on a wi-fi network or leave it public for everyone who wants to. In the second case, connect to a network through a foreign internet absolutely free of any interested person, so as to “stealing” the cherished speed and connection at all.

Of course, many users wi-fi network put a password on your router, hoping to protect the Internet from a home invasion of uninvited guests, connected, reduce the connection speed. But often, and this can not be output, because there are specific program for hacking wifi . Methods and hacking instructions can be easily found on our website.

So, of course, those who have had experience hacking wi-fi network immediately rush share your success or failure story in the appropriate forum or a social network; so to speak, to transfer obtained a good or bad experience. Such stories are actually very much and here are some of them.

  • «Subtracted the Internet that crack wi-fi can be fairly easy, is wanted, and I have the desire, of course, and it was not necessary in this case to be a professional hacker. Do my neighbors just is wi-fi point, but the “password protected”, as luck would have. With the help of tutorials to easily find and download the desired program (aircrack), in general, I did everything in the instructions. It said that the computer can not be a wi-fi card, well, then, I had to buy. Thing is not very expensive – just 400 rubles, but how much benefit brought. In general, all installed and connected, wi-fi neighbors showed up pretty fast – in just a couple of minutes, but not one, but several, that’s lucky. Chose the highest signal, it began to catch the so-called packages, using special software, everything went well, has caught a sufficient number, and then began to pick through the key «aircrack». The result was not long in coming – after half an hour freely enjoyed the neighbor’s point. I would like to say thank you internet hackers, help! »

    But as it turned out, not all stories of burglary wi-fi networks are successful. Among them are such as the following.

    • «For a long time enjoyed the neighbor’s network of wi-fi, while the owners do not put an end to your password. A friend suggested that the Internet describes the different ways of hacking wi-fi, I began to search immediately. Information found is really a lot, I chose a method that seemed the simplest and most obvious, at least for me. For instructions included a link to download a special program that you definitely need to download, so it was said, otherwise it will not work. The program is downloaded and soon after noticed that the laptop began to work much worse, and then all stopped working – had to be carried in for repair. It turned out, download programs, “infested” virus. No more experiments with burglary! »

      we can conclude from this history that attempts to break the neighbor’s wi-fi is not always successful.