The most common Wi-fi routers

The most common Wi-fi routers
Today, almost every apartment has wireless internet, but at the same wi-fi connection. It serves to more quickly and easily connect to the world wide web. In addition, the compound wi-fi may be connected to one or more LAN devices at high speed. This explains why it is rapidly growing in popularity among users. There is also a program for hacking wifi , but more on that in another article.

Indeed, without the Internet is now nowhere. It can be considered one of the most important inventions of our time, which allows people to communicate at a distance. But science does not stop there, and humanity is always striving for progress. wi-fi wireless connection just became one of the products of such progress, which simplifies the life of a person, making it more comfortable and easy. <-! more ->

Over a relatively short period, Wi-fi network has become widespread: it is in public places, such as cafes, clubs, parks, as well as in the apartments in the majority of Internet users. For those who have not yet switched to the use of a wireless network, always a desire to do it. It was then, and there is a logical question – what wi-fi router to choose, and what they are at all. Here are some of the most popular models of routers. They vary in quality and price, as well as many other criteria:

  • One of the most popular routers – ZyxelKeenetic. It has all the characteristics to conveniently work with wireless Internet network, even at maximum connection speed of 300 Mb / s. With the ease and speed of working wireless switch that will turn off at one point and to secure your home point. On the router has a connector for USB 2.0, as well as two removable antennas. At home, you easily will be able to connect the router by following the instructions in the manual. This router is small – only 16.2 * 11.2 * 3, he easily fit into any interior, thanks to its glossy white color. The cost of such a router is about 3,000 rubles.
  • Asus RT-N56U is not far behind from its previous counterpart. This model is distinguished by its ultra-modern design, as well as, of course, are especially relevant characteristics. For example, the maximum speed can reach 300 MB / s. There are 5 types of built-in antennas 2 antennas at 2.4 GHz and 3 GHz to 5, it is possible to use 3G internet, with multiple users. Feature of “appearance” is a strict black enclosure, included is a stand for vertical installation, as well as a very clear statement – it is also attached to the device. The cost of this device about 4000 rubles.
  • Routers TP-Link won its recognition among users. This is an optimal combination of quite reasonable price and high quality. There are many models from this manufacturer, meet the latest technologies. For example, a compact model TL-MR3420 supports 3G, or 4G connection, it is also easy to protect your wireless network user: you can simply press a button and the connection is broken. It also enables easy switching between networks 3G / 4G and WAN. Here, for example, model TL-WR841ND, which has no connection to the 3G communication function, is still very popular due to its low cost and convenience to the wireless network.

    There are also other routers that will be on any “taste” and a purse, in addition to its basic qualities, they have a variety of basic and advanced features. When you purchase will be enough to know what you want and what features you need specifically.