Transferring wifi files.

With the advent of wireless network these days everything has become much easier and more affordable. Initially, this unlimited access to the Internet in places where there is an access point. However, lower the access network, the question arises whether a common file transfer is possible between the experimental devices for standard Wi-Fi technology.

No matter how surprising, but such an option was originally envisaged. For example, to transmit information from one PC to another, you must connect both devices to the home network. You create a wireless network between the two computers, and then simply pass the desired file from one device to another.

Here, the complexity can only be in if multiple operating systems or modifications thereof are installed on the computers. In such a case it is necessary to install additional software for full PC connection both in a single network. If the two computers are equipped with Windows 7, no problems should arise, because the software company Microsoft has allowed this option.

If you decide to transfer documents from your computer to your phone or vice versa, then it will require a different scheme of work. To get started on the mobile device operating platform, you must install additional software. If the main system is Android, you will need to install «WIfi file transfer». Further all the settings are made optionally via a mobile device. Installed software will specify further steps, following which you will create a network with a computer and awake to be able to transfer files in both directions.