What is a Wi-Fi cracker – how to protect and how to use it?

What is a Wi-Fi cracker - how to protect and how to use it?Almost every Wi-Fi hacking utility has a number of options for scanning, analyzing and protecting the network. However, many people neglect this functionality and use programs such as Aircrack exclusively to obtain passwords from other people’s connections. The reasons for this are many, the main ones among them are: fast software operation, guaranteed result. About such small things as their own security, some do not think about it, but in vain. This application can be viewed as a reliable defender of the network from hacking, not excluding those situations when an attempt is made to hack from your device.

Aircrack is a Wi-Fi hacker or security guarantor

In many cases, the best defense is an attack, so connecting our utility starts with analyzing the surrounding cyberspace and attacking potentially dangerous connections. For this, airtun-ng is used.

Unlike the aireplay-ng mechanism, which is used during hacking by collecting data from received packets, there is packetforge-ng. The essence of the last tool is to interrupt the connection and force someone else’s Wai Fai to look for new authentication.

The resulting data can be viewed as a material for subsequent attack and hacking or protection from the detected object (you can block it by changing the Wi-Fi login details). Solving this problem for an attacker can take a long time, with one of them in reset settings to factory settings.

Aircrack, how to download a cracker Wi-Fi

Those who are interested in the protection functions of the utility can get the installation file now. The program is distributed freely, has a number of interpretations. The main differences between the versions are:

  • work with different platforms, pioneer options, usually work only with Linux;
  • Russified version and no;
  • the availability of tools, in the most advanced utility of at least 11;
  • The interface (although for almost every device there is a convenient graphics and an option for the console).

Downloading does not take much time and upon completion the user is offered to install the utility. The file that displays the GUI is called Aircrack-ng GUI.

However, do not be surprised at the contents of the “Bin” folder, much more complete than just one executable .exe file (for example, for Windows). There will be a CommView application for Wi-Fi, which is used to better collect traffic packets. Also there are about 10 utilities with their own peculiarities. And all of them will be installed by default. But under certain conditions, the program will automatically show a message that some function can not be executed due to the lack of the required application. This error is quickly eliminated. Installation recommendations are considered instructions for action.

Download password cracker Wi-Fi: full version and with a package of dictionaries

Today, many sites offer to get Aircrack for free and other difficulties, but imposing restrictions on the ability to download dictionaries. At us you receive the full catalog of passwords for brutforsinga or search of the password on the dictionary (we shall note, what is it though similar methods all the same different).

But the utility itself is known for a comprehensive approach to hacking, therefore, such mechanisms as pseudoauthentication are used, which is pretty close to the “handshake” tool, which is also embedded in the program structure. The beginner will certainly have to read the instructions offered. Quick development of the software is facilitated by a clear interface with open windows for variational selection.

The manual also helps you understand how to add dictionaries, create your own and which one is better used in different situations.

Wi-Fi password cracker and WiFi router Pineapple – a sign of equality from specialists

Here we will not be the first who will assert the similarity of the above software with the known device from Pineapple. Although the company took care 100% of the powerful protection of the device, the promise of Aircrack is obvious.

The program can be used on mobile gadgets, no cable connection to the network (which is inevitable for the router), it works in both directions: protection / hacking. In addition, has long been a “desktop” application of many system administrators, who value their reputation.

Finally, we add that the software easily switches to control via the console. For professionals, this opens a number of promising areas: monitoring other people’s traffic, removing an unwanted user, with no trace of your stay. Sometimes it takes several months to eliminate such hacking. Hackers manage to make spam-mailing from someone else’s Wai Fai, pumping adult traffic, much more that lies outside the legal framework. Therefore, we recommend using Aircrack for preventive protection before you are hacked.