What is a Wi-Fi network?

today we are accustomed to the fact that public institutions can often find an open Internet access on the channel Wi-Fi. It is a standard wireless network connection for data transmission. The very same name was the result of a play on words, as in the popular standard Hi-Fi. Wi-Fi wireless communication channel carried the IEEE 802.11b protocol.

If we talk about the hardware that works in this standard, it is divided into two main classes: the access point and clients. An access point acts as a separate equipment, which provides the client and the connection to the Internet. After processing, the appropriate settings, Ethernet channel using profile technology turns into a standard Wi-Fi network.

The wireless network can have access to indoor and outdoor: performing authentication using password or without this option. Otherwise, access to the network will be open to all users who will choose the connection through the access point you created. Two of the most popular wireless networking standards are WPA and WEP.

It should be emphasized that the Wi-Fi connection maximum speed over the wireless channel can be about 100MB / sec. Thus the final word rests with the Ethernet channel and bandwidth capabilities of the device. It is also to be understood that the connection speed will vary depending on how many active equipment has a connection to the access point at that moment. In that case the data channel is divided evenly between all network participants.

Wi-Fi networks – this is quite an important discovery today. Thanks to this standard, we have access to the Internet in any public institution.