Why Wi-Fi may not work

Why Wi-Fi may not workThere are dozens of reasons for why the wireless Internet suddenly did not turn up. To eliminate them, you need to clarify which device does not allow you to enter the network: a router, a computer, or a problem in mobile gadgets.

Why Wi-Fi does not work: on all or individual devices

Elemental forgetfulness and unpaid services become unavailable. It is not difficult to solve this problem, but quite often the trip occurs at night, when money is withdrawn from the client’s account. Then it turns out that at least until the morning you have to sit without Wi-Fi.

But what if the Internet is needed and urgently. It is worth trying to download the program AirCrack, to connect for such a short time to the neighboring network. What the utility does:

  • detects access points;
  • determines their security;
  • calculates the password;
  • gives the possibility of management as administrator.

And it is much easier to hack the “neighbor” Internet, since the service provider is probably the same, all data on the connection itself is known reliably. It is only necessary to determine the password. With what it is easy to handle the program AirCrack.

However, not always the reason lies only in forgotten payment. Sometimes you just need to update the network connection drivers, which are easy to find through “computer management”.

Why Wi-Fi does not work on my phone?

Wi fi does not work on the phone

It also happens that on the computer and other home devices the Internet is, but on the phone there. First of all, you need to check the connection of the Wi-Fi function, sometimes it jumps off the position is turned on, and the thought of verifying such a small detail does not come first.

If, on testing, it turns out that Wai Fay is connected, it is recommended to check the parallel settings: the mode on the plane (it is better to disable it), other similar options. Also on the phone you can immediately check the current time and location of the device by virtual settings. Sometimes it is not a coincidence of these data that is perceived by the gadget as an attempt to break into it, independently in any direction: in relation to a particular Android or from it.

Why the Wi-Fi router is not working?

Does not work wi-fi routerWhen simple actions are performed and it turned out to be all vain, it is worth checking the router itself. You should immediately go to the advanced settings and try to change the channel or access mode (but already for the router). Since these parameters are variable and have more than ten possible combinations, the process can be delayed for a long time.

It is recommended to use AirCrack, which will analyze the network and show a “good” option for a particular case. This approach will significantly reduce the time to gain access to the network, although it does not guarantee the return of the connection. Because this is not all the reasons why a wireless network can not work only on the phone.

It is worth checking the network itself through the one you access. It’s quite simple to do this, first you need to go to the Wai Fay settings. After clicking and holding for a few seconds the name of the network, the option will appear to remove / change the network. Select the last one, a window will open in which the proxy server settings will be set (by default, “no” should be selected). If manual proxy setting is checked, this should be replaced with the desired option.

Why Wi-Fi does not work on the laptop

The reasons listed earlier for the lack of Internet on the phone, in many cases apply to tablets and laptops. First you need to check all the same parameters, among which are:

  • date and time (especially if the absence of Wai Fi was preceded by an incorrect gadget shutdown);
  • region of stay (the reason may be the same as in the previous paragraph);
  • connect Wai Fay function (this should already be on the machine)
  • network checking (delete, change, etc)
  • use mode (airplane and power saving off);
  • reinstalling drivers (via the device control panel).

Surprisingly, we have not yet touched on such simple ways as rebooting the router and the device itself, on which there is no internet. The first step is to clean the cache, which is performed on the tablet quite simply.

Also on the laptop sometimes it makes sense to remove the network and reinstall it. Sometimes people talk about completely unusual situations, for example, the neighboring network was accidentally open and some of the home devices switched to it. In such cases, you just have to get out of someone else’s Wai Fai (remove it) and connect to your own.

Why Wi-Fi does not work: a quick fix

There are several reasons why a wireless connection may be missing, as well as ways to solve them.

Quite often, adolescents install the rights on their device, and to them a huge amount of hacking software. In this case, not much understanding the configuration of the device allows applications to perform undesirable actions. As a result, chaos and confusion results in the locking of the tablet or mobile.

Bearing in repair is expensive, and it is unclear what exactly there can help. Therefore, resetting the settings to the factory settings seems a reasonable solution. But at the same time lost data that were on the smartphone in addition to the standard (games, applications, music, all have to download again). Performing the reset procedure is easy: you need to find a small hole on the back side, into which you need to hit the blunt end of the needle.

The last option, known to us: why Wi-Fi does not work, you forgot the password and it is easy to restore it by calling the provider, but the event coincided with a long weekend. Then again, we recommend using the program AirCrack and get access to the “neighbor” connection, albeit for the weekend.