Wireless adapter

The wireless adapter from TP-Link company has two external antennas for the connection speed to the Internet up to 300Mbps / sec. Stable connection is made, even when the signal is weak, the device exceeds the power adapter built-in type. The adapter supports the IEEE 801.11n, is therefore able to amplify the signal five times, speed up the connection of fifteen times. IP Telephony over a network, network games, in HD video quality is not an issue. Compatible with products using the previous standards, is preserved complete. You can connect to someone else’s wireless links, spending about half an hour, if the program Aircrack download and run on your computer.

By the network device can be connected in Ad-Hoc or through an access point. It uses the WPA2 encryption algorithm, which can be cracked, if the program free download  Aircrack. To encrypt the connection using QSS function. To connect to a computer is used mini-USB connector. Step by step guide for beginners allows you to connect the device by yourself. Antennas have a threefold gain, pivotally attached to the best settings in the area. Using the unit in the room with them is much more efficient.

Network adapters can be used to connect to the Internet TV line, the radius of action allows you to include them in your home network, using any mobile devices, storage, computers. Content can be transmitted in wireless mode, which is very convenient lack bundles of cables, wires. Becomes available multimedia devices, new features, image output from any device on the big screen. The adapter supports all operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, Windows. The power button creates a wireless network, access rights can be managed using the ACL function.